Madach Tradehouse is a location that is found in Gnisis in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Amongst its most notable members is Darius, the head of the Imperial Legion in Gnisis.


The tradehouse is a tavern for the Imperial Legion in Morrowind. One can come here to join the Legion, as well as buy goods from the merchant & Thieves Guild member Fenas Madach.



Widow Vabdas' DeedEdit

Once the Nerevarine has joined the Imperial Legion, Darius of the Gnisis outpost will ask them to obtain a land deed from the Widow Vabdas, whose husband was killed in the Gnisis Eggmine.

Gnisis EggmineEdit

Cure the Kwama Queen located within the Gnisis Eggmine.

Rescue Madura SeranEdit

Locate and rescue Madura Seran from Ashlanders.

Rescue Ragash gra-ShuzgubEdit

Locate and rescure Ragash gra-Shuzgub from Arvs-Drelen.

Talos Cult ConspiracyEdit

Investigate the cult to discover what plots they have planned.

Notable itemsEdit


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