"I'm on a business visit from Vvardenfell. With the Argonians emancipated and Shadowfen open to the free market, there's plenty of money to be made."

Maddu is a Dunmer merchant and patron of the Coin Brothers' Cornerclub in Stormhold.


Argonians used to be slaves? "I take it you're not from Morrowind, then? The Pact's treaty forbids slave trade in either Nord or Argonian lots. Fine by me—slaving always left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe one day there won't be a market for slaves at all!"

I thought you said slavery was forbidden? "There's always a market for free labor. Morrowind's slavers just have to range farther to get their goods. Bretons and Khajiit are always popular. It's a bit barbaric, if you ask me. But, I don't question the laws of the Pact!"
Tell me about the Pact. "Well, I didn't follow the politics on it. The Akaviri were invading Morrowind, and we needed all the help we could get. So the Argonians and Nords fought on our side, and we won. What better motivation than freedom?"
Do Argonians and Dunmer get along now? "Uh, no. Well, it depends. I try to treat everyone fairly—a coin's a coin, after all! But some Dunmer still look down on Argonians, and plenty of Argonians don't trust us. For good reason, I suppose. It's a shame."


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