The peninsula at the southern tip of isles in Dementia has two areas, Madgod's Boot and Shallow Grave. Etymologically, the name originated from the boot shape of the land mass.


As everywhere in Dementia the landscape is dull and has a grey haze hanging over the area day and night. Plants ingredients have negative effect when used in potions, creatures are more dull in color and so are plants and vegetation. The landscape has a dull look with swamps everywhere.

There are a few places of interest in this part of Dementia.

Places of interestEdit

Fort RuinsEdit




The Helpless ArmyEdit

After driving Jyggalag's forces of Order from the Fringe, rebuilding the Gatekeeper with the help of Relmyna Verenim the Hero must return to Sheogorath to report the victory to him and find out what is going to happen next.

Ghosts of VitharnEdit

Years ago, the fortress of Vitharn was attacked and overrun by invading fanatics. Upon his death, Count Cirion was visited by Sheogorath who cursed him and the rest of the fort's inhabitants for their cowardice and miserably poor defense. Lord Sheogorath forced them to relive their last moments forever.



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