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The Madhouse Collection is a card pack for The Elder Scrolls: Legends consisting of 10 unique cards, with 3 copies of each card are provided. It is to be released during the Chaos Arena event. It can be bought for real money (USD $10/EUR €9.99) or 1500 Gold, also providing a complimentary Arena Ticket to those who buy it. All cards will be automatically added to arena mode.

Cards[edit | edit source]

There is 1 legendary card, 2 epic cards, 6 rare cards, and 1 common card in the pack

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Name Attributes Power Health Cost Type Subtype Rarity Text
Icon legends neutral.png Neutral 6 Support Activate Legendary Activate: Sacrifice a creature to summon a creature from your deck that costs 1, then increase the cost of creatures this summons by 1.
Icon legends neutral.png Neutral 0 Action Rare Unsummon a friendly creature.
Icon legends neutral.png Neutral 3 3 5 Creature Reachman Epic Summon: Choose a friendly creature.
Friendly creatures of the chosen type have +1/+1.
Icon legends intelligence.svg Intelligence 1 1 3 Creature Redguard Rare When you equip an item to another creature, equip a copy of it to Gardener of Swords.
Icon legends neutral.png Neutral 5 5 6 Creature Undead
Epic Summon: Illusory Mimic gains all Keywords on the top three cards of your deck.
Icon legends neutral.png Neutral 1 4 4 Creature Animal
Common Summon: Look at the top three cards of your deck. Put one into your hand and discard the others.
Icon legends endurance.svg Endurance 4 Item Rare +0/+2
Summon: The wielder's power becomes equal to its health.
Icon legends willpower.svg Willpower 2 2 4 Creature Imperial Rare Summon: Summon a random elixir.
Icon legends strength.svg Strength 2 1 3 Creature Orc Rare Summon: Deal 1 damage to an enemy creature for each friendly Orc.
Icon legends agility.svg Agility 3 Support Ongoing Rare When you play a 0-cost card, deal 1 damage to your opponent and gain 1 health.

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