Madness Ore is a material that is used to make madness armor and weapons in the The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles. According to Cutter, it contains the souls of dead heroes. It can be found on grummites or in madness ore deposits that are mainly found underground in the ruined forts of the Shivering Isles. Deposits do not respawn their ore content.


Head to Cutter's Weapons in Crucible to forge the armor or weapon. There will be different options depending on how many pieces of ore are on hand. Most armor requires two pieces of ore, but greaves take three pieces and a cuirass is five pieces.

Enchanted Madness armor and weapons can be created if a matrix is found. Each matrix is set to a specific armor or weapon type. The matrix and an appropriate amount of madness ore will allow the smith to create a magical version of that type in madness ore. Madness Matrices are usually found on Grummites.


Value: 20
Weight: 2

Madness Ore deposit locationsEdit

  • Xeddefen in The Fringe has three madness ore deposits.
  • Rotten Den in Dementia has two ore deposits.
  • Mayor Shelden in The Fringe has two madness ore pieces in his house.
  • Xedilian has several deposits and many grummites, making it a good place to get large amounts of madness ore early on.
  • The Dungeon in Dementia has one deposit of madness ore.
  • Madness ore and matrices are in the dungeon in the main city.
  • Knifepoint Hollow has one madness ore deposit, just south-west of Dyus. The Hero has to jump down to reach it, north of the Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry door. There are two more madness ore deposits inside the chantry.
  • One vein of madness ore can be found in Knotty Bramble.
  • Jayred's House has two more veins.



  • A Matrix can not be copied.
  • It does not cost any extra GoldIcon to create magical Madness items.


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