Madness Sword

Madness Swords can be forged from madness ore by the smith Cutter, who operates Cutter's Weapons in Crucible. She can forge one longsword from three pieces of madness ore. Providing a Madness Longsword Matrix will cause the longsword to be enchanted, as well.

The quality of the longsword and, if applicable, its enchantment is scaled to the Hero's level at the time when asking Cutter to make it.


Level Name Base Value Weight Base Damage Health Enchantments* Charges Uses Sword ID Enchanted Sword ID
1–2 Impure Madness Longsword 35 GoldIcon 22 WeightIcon 11 DamageIcon 165 Health-icon Damage Health 2 pts 150 75 00091DCD 0009276E
3–4 Unpolished Madness Longsword 65 GoldIcon 26 WeightIcon 13 DamageIcon 220 Health-icon Damage Health 5 pts 600 66 00091FBD 0009276F
5–7 Lesser Madness Longsword 140 GoldIcon 30 WeightIcon 15 DamageIcon 285 Health-icon Damage Health 7 pts 1050 75 00091FC6 00092778
8–9 Madness Longsword 310 GoldIcon 34 WeightIcon 17 DamageIcon 360 Health-icon Damage Health 10 pts 1650 75 0001F3FE 0001F487
10–13 Fine Madness Longsword 630 GoldIcon 38 WeightIcon 19 DamageIcon 440 Health-icon Damage Health 12 pts 2100 75 0001F3FF 0001F486
14–17 Very Fine Madness Longsword 1270 GoldIcon 42 WeightIcon 21 DamageIcon 525 Health-icon Damage Health 15 pts 2850 75 0001F400 0001F485
18–22 Grand Madness Longsword 2400 GoldIcon 46 WeightIcon 23 DamageIcon 620 Health-icon Damage Health 17 pts 3350 74 0001F401 0001F484
23+ Perfect Madness Longsword 3800 GoldIcon 50 WeightIcon 25 DamageIcon 720 Health-icon Damage Health 20 pts 4150 75 0001F402 0001F483
Reach: 1.00
Speed: 1.00
  • *The Enchantment column only applies when forging a longsword with a matrix.
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of the Mercantile skill or NPC disposition. Note that enchanted longswords will be worth more.
  • Base Damage refers to the base damage rating without factoring the effects of the Blade skill, Strength, or the condition of the weapon.


  • The sword changes color when the player faces in the direction of a certain plant. Red is flame stalks and a cyan color is Withering Moon.

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