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"The Madstone of the Ahemmusa is a protection against the spells of witch-warriors. When you use it, and touch your enemy, it causes the voices of the ancestors to cry out in his head, confusing him, and fuddling his witcheries. I warn you, though; when you use the Madstone, the ancestors also cry out in your ears, so you, too, are made mad by their wailing. It is the Madstone. Perhaps it will not please a wizard, but it may greatly please a warrior."
Sinnammu Mirpal[src]

Madstone of the Ahemmusa is a unique amulet and artifact of the Ahemmusa tribe. It is enchanted with the power to produce a disorienting noise in a victim's mind, reducing their ability to concentrate and lowering their chance of successfully casting spells. Despite the warning issued by the camp's Wise Woman, it does not affect the amulet's wearer.


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A reduction between 37 and 62% in the victim's chance of successfully casting spells can be expected due to the influence of Fatigue on the Sound magic effect. See Sound Magnitude for details.


Ahemmusa NerevarineEdit

Sinnammu Mirpal, Wise Woman of the Ahemmusa Camp, requests that the Nerevarine secure the Ald Daedroth shrine so that it may be used as a refuge for her people. The shrine is the site of a battle between Ordinators and Cultists. Both groups are hostile towards each other and intruders, including the Nerevarine and Ashlanders. After a safe route to the inner shrine has been established, Sinnammu can be escorted to the site. Once there, the title of Ahemmusa Nerevarine and this amulet are rewarded.


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