"You know, when I was recruited by this guild I had no idea how much I would miss Grahtwood. Espically the trees. Why doesn't Elsweyr have more trees?"

Maelanrith is a Bosmer guild trader that resides in Rimmen. She can be found at Rimmen Commerce Exchange at her stand, Tenmar Treasures. She was originally from Grahtwood, but left to become a guild trader.


  • "By Y'ffre, I could really go for a decent jagga brew right about know. My guild may pay well, but what's it worth if I can't even buy my favorite drink?"
  • "When I took this job, I had no idea how hard it would be to live among the Khajiit! I mean, there's plenty of meat to eat, but it's all glazed in sugar! Who does that?"


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