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Maelstrom Arena, also known as Arena: Maelstrom, is an Arena that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium. It is a pocket realm of Oblivion ruled over by Fa-Nuit-Hen, consisting of multiple stages created by his Barons Who Move Like This.



The entrance is found in northeastern Wrothgar. It is a run-down stone building with no inhabitants. Inside, there is an Oblivion Gate that can transport you to the Redguard manor.

Stage 0: Redguard manorEdit

The starting point of the Arena is a Redguard manor. It is surrounded in a circle of rocks and boulders, the manor located in a barren desert with a small river. Fa-Nuit-Hen can be found inside the farthest house with Tutor Riparius, alongside the hall with the champion busts. The portal is located inside the doors behind him.

Stage 1: Vale of the SurrealEdit

The Vale of the Surreal is a Shivering Isles-themed arena. The environment is large mushrooms and Altmeri architecture, with a large tree in the center.

Stage 2: Seht's BalconyEdit

An arena based on Sotha Sil's Clockwork City. The architecture is a series of brass structures with spinning blades and electric hazards in the middle.

Stage 3: Drome of Toxic ShockEdit

The Drome of Toxic Shock is based off the environments of Murkmire in Black Marsh. It is a swampland with some mounds of land covered in grass. It is surrounded by stony hills and a wooden barrier.

Stage 4: Seht's FlywheelEdit

A second arena themed after Sotha Sil's city, this arena is similar to the Balcony. The design is different, being much more closed in with a thick brass pillar towering in the center. It is surrounded by tall brass walls.

Stage 5: Rink of Frozen BloodEdit

A sub-zero arena based off the Wrothgarian Mountains. It is a large pond with toxic freezing water and three vulnerable ice platforms. There are a number of trees and mountains surrounding it.

Stage 6: Spiral ShadowsEdit

An arena based off the Spiral Skein, this location contains gloomy fog and an eroded stone landscape. There are glowing mushrooms and stone structures dotting the arena.

Stage 7: Vault of UmbrageEdit

Another arena based off Murkmire, this location takes place in an underground Ayleid ruin. Moss hangs from the ceiling while mushrooms grow on the ground.

Stage 8: Igneous CisternEdit

The Igneous Cistern takes place in a cavern found deep underground. It is surrounded by lava, with barren dirt mounds making up the only traversable land.

Stage 9: Theater of DespairEdit

The final round of the realm, this arena is based off Mehrunes Dagon's Deadlands. It is a large stone circular platform with a floating ring of stalactites hovering above.


Maelstrom ArenaEdit

Survive the nine arenas of Maelstrom.

Notable itemsEdit



Vale of the SurrealEdit

(Themed like Shivering Isles)

Seht's BalconyEdit

(Themed like Clockwork City)

Dome of Toxic ShockEdit


Seht's FlywheelEdit

(Clockwork City)


Rink of Frozen BloodEdit

(Themed after Wrothgarian Mountains)


Spiral ShadowsEdit

(Themed after Mephala's realm)


Vault of UmbrageEdit

(Ayleid Ruin themed ruin in Black Marsh (likely Murkmire)


Igneous CisternEdit


Final boss: Valkyn Temphra (Dremora)

Theater of DespairEdit

(Based on Deadlands)


Final boss:



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