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"Ah, yes! This is a big step for you, friend. Whether you know it or not. Now you'll need to decide what sort of staff you're looking for."
Delmar, on creating a staff[src]

Mage's Staff is a leveled, enchanted staff obtained as a reward for achieving the Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild. After completing the quest, "A Mage's Staff" and receiving the Unfinished Staff, Delmar at the Chironasium imbues the magic wood with a desired effect. After selecting the desired effect, 24 hours must pass before it can be obtained from the cupboard in the Chironasium.

Nine possible enchantments, from three schools of Magicka can be chosen from. The intensity of the enchantment is gauged by the Character Level at the time of the quest's completion.


One enchantment from three schools of Magicka can be selected for the creation of this staff. The schools include Destruction, Illusion, and Mysticism. Only spell effects from the Destruction school deal physical damage. Spells such as paralyze, dispel, and silence from the Illusion and Mysticism schools respectively are combat-based spells, while charm and telekinesis are passive abilities typically used outside of battle situations.

Commonality and selectionEdit

Staves with Destruction enchantments are not uncommon, commonly found on Liches and other spell-casting enemies. Despite its convenience, choosing another enchantment may be wiser. Particularly recommended would be paralysis, since spells and poisons causing Paralysis are rare and expensive. Furthermore, Paralysis cannot be applied to weapons at an Altar of Enchanting, so this may be the method for obtaining one. Charm and Dispel would be a waste, since they are of limited utility, and quite inexpensive anyway.

Enchantment attributesEdit


Fire DamageEdit

Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Fire Damage 20 pts on target 000E9448
5–9 Fire Damage 40 pts on target 000E9449
10–14 Fire Damage 60 pts on target 000E944A
15+ Fire Damage 80 pts on target 000E944B

Frost DamageEdit

Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Frost Damage 20 pts on target 0001FE0F
5–9 Frost Damage 40 pts on target 000E944C
10–14 Frost Damage 60 pts on target 000E944D
15+ Frost Damage 80 pts on target 000E944E

Shock DamageEdit

Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Shock Damage 20 pts on target 0001FE10
5–9 Shock Damage 40 pts on target 000E9452
10–14 Shock Damage 60 pts on target 000E9453
15+ Shock Damage 80 pts on target 000E9454



Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Charm 10pts for 10sec on target 0001FE11
5–9 Charm 15pts for 10sec on target 000E9442
10–14 Charm 20pts for 20sec on target 000E9443
15+ Charm 25pts for 25sec on target 000E9444


Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Paralyze for 2sec on target 000E944F
5–9 Paralyze for 4sec on target 0001FE12
10–14 Paralyze for 6sec on target 000E9450
15+ Paralyze for 8sec on target 000E9451


Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Silence for 2sec on target 0001FE13
5–9 Silence for 5sec on target 000E9455
10–14 Silence for 10sec on target 000E9456
15+ Silence for 15sec on target 000E9457


Soul TrapEdit

Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Soul Trap for 10sec on target 0001FE14
5–9 Soul Trap for 20sec on target 000E9458
10–14 Soul Trap for 30sec on target 000E9459
15+ Soul Trap for 40sec on target 000E945A


Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Telekinesis 20pts for 10sec on target 0001FE15
5–9 Telekinesis 30pts for 15sec on target 000E945B
10–14 Telekinesis 40pts for 20sec on target 000E945C
15+ Telekinesis 40pts for 30sec on target 000E945D


Level Enchantment ID
1–4 Dispel 10pts on target 0001FE16
5–9 Dispel 20pts on target 000E9445
10–14 Dispel 30pts on target 000E9446
15+ Dispel 40pts on target 000E9447


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