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Magelight is an active skill in the Mages Guild skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Magelight appears as an aura around the Vestige, similar to Candlelight, and reveals sneaking characters, as well as granting a bonus to spellcasting. It can be toggled on and off, and does not expire until one casts it again. However, it reduces max magicka by 5% while toggled on.


Inner LightEdit

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  • Update 6: This ability now increases your maximum Magicka by 5% instead of reducing your maximum Magicka when the ability is toggled on.[1]
  • Update 8: The Magelight from this ability will now disappear when the Magelight setting is set to off in the Settings menu [2]

Radiant MagelightEdit

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  • Update 6: This ability now reveals all enemies within 12 meters of the caster, and reduces the amount of damage nearby allies will take from stealth attacks. We also edited the tooltip to clarify that it's active, you are immune to stuns from stealth attacks.[1]


  • Update 4: Fixed an issue where the UI wasn't updating the Spell Critical Strike rating when it was being activated near an enemy.[3]
  • Update 6: Magelight now grants you the buff Major Spell Crit when toggled on, instead of revealing stealthed enemies.[1]
  • Update 7: Fixed an issue where the character UI would show an incorrect critical strike value when Magelight and Inferno were active at the same time. You will always only get 10% critical strike.[4]
  • Update 7: Clarified the tooltip for this ability to indicate that only your available Magicka for casting spells is reduced by 5%. Your maximum Magicka value remains the same; your Magicka bar will simply only recover to 95% instead of 100%. We also fixed an issue so Magelight will now always visually appear in all areas.[4]
  • Update 9: Revealing an enemy from stealth or invisibility with abilities such as Revealing Flare or Magelight now prevents that enemy from casting stealth or invisibility for the duration, rather than letting them re-enter stealth or invisibility but still be visible.[5]



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