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Arena Mages Guild Front

The front of a Mages Guild.

The Mages Guild is an institution dedicated to the research and study of magic. In The Elder Scrolls: Arena, spells are learned and researched here. The Mages Guild also acts as a merchant, buying and selling magical items and identifying found magical items.



The outside of many Mages Guild buildings have a hedge with an ornate archway leading into a grassy courtyard. The side and back walls are patterned with the distinguishing teal bricks and gold colored windows. Others are more simple structures, marked only by sign with the Eye of Horus.


In the Guild building, there is only one mage, dressed in blue robes decorated with white stars a pointed mage hat of the same texture and a sparking staff in the left hand. The services provided by the guild depends on the player's class: Warriors and Thieves except Bards may only buy potions and pay for investigating the enchantment of found artifacts, while Bards and Mage classes can also learn spells if paid the required amount of gold.



  • Buying and selling spells and magical items, including potions.
  • Identifying magical items, for a price proportional to the power of the item.
    • This can be used to roughly gauge the power of an item, even if the price to identify is not paid.
    • Identification charges may not be bargained for, regardless of the Eternal Champion's Personality.
    • Unknown magical items are written in blue in the inventory screen.
  • Making new spells with the Spell Maker.



  • Unlike later games, the Mages Guild cannot be joined in Arena.


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