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Mages Guild is a faction in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The Nerevarine is able to join this faction thereby gaining access to guild trainers, quest, and ability to progress through the guild's ranks. The Mages Guild focuses on mastery over the various arcane arts.


Much of what is known about the founding of the Mages Guild is through the work of the Archmage Salarth: Origin of the Mages Guild.

The order was originally founded by a member of Psijic Order, Vanus Galerion, circa the Second Era. The order was originally established in Firsthold on the Summerset Isles. One of Galerion's most controversial proposals was to make magic items, potions, and spells available to any member of the general public who could afford to pay.

Shortly after the founding, with security of the guild becoming a concern, the Knightly Order of the Lamp was formed. The Mages Guild grew with branches across the Summerset Isles and gradually the mainland, eventually becoming a powerful force in Tamriel.

Joining the Mages Guild[]

In order to join the guild, a potential candidate must meet the minimum requirements and speak to one of the six Guildmagisters, leaders of the local guild halls. The Guildmagisters are located in the Mages Guild Halls in five major cities:

  1. Ranis Athrys: in Balmora.
  2. Folms Mirel: in Caldera.
  3. Edwinna Elbert: in Ald'ruhn.
  4. Skink-in-Tree's-Shade: in Sadrith Mora.
  5. Malven Romori: in Vivec.
  6. Trebonius Artorius: in Vivec, the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild in Morrowind.


Favorite skills[]

Mages Guild Banner

Favorite skills are the skills that a member of the Mages Guild need to master to advance in the ranks.

Guild Ranks[]

There are a total of ten ranks within the Mages Guild that can be completed through Mages Guild Quests and increasing attributes and skills. Higher ranks affects the members' disposition towards them, and they also open new quests, merchants, and trainers.

Rank Skill Requirements Ability Requirements Additional Requirements Reputation
Associate Primary Skill at 0
Favored Skill at 0
Intelligence: 30
Willpower: 30
# of quests completed 0
Apprentice Primary Skill at 10
Favored Skill at 0
Intelligence: 30
Willpower: 30
# of quests completed 5
Journeyman Primary Skill at 20
Favored Skill at 0
Intelligence: 30
Willpower: 30
# of quests completed 10
Evoker Primary Skill at 30
Favored Skill at 5
Intelligence: 30
Willpower: 30
# of quests completed 20
Conjurer Primary Skill at 40
Favored Skill at 10
Intelligence: 30
Willpower: 30
Guild Dues
# of quests completed
Magician Primary Skill at 50
Favored Skill at 15
Intelligence: 31
Willpower: 31
# of quests completed 45
Warlock Primary Skill at 60
Favored Skill at 20
Intelligence: 32
Willpower: 32
# of quests completed 60
Wizard Primary Skill at 70
Favored Skill at 25
Intelligence: 33
Willpower: 33
Wizard's Staff
# of quests completed
Master Wizard Primary Skill at 80
Favored Skill at 30
Intelligence: 34
Willpower: 34
# of quests completed 100
Arch-Mage Primary Skill at 90
Favored Skill at 35
Intelligence: 35
Willpower: 35
Arch-Mage (Quest)
# of quests completed


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Ranis Athrys

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  1. Ajira
  2. Estirdalin
  3. Galbedir
  4. Marayn Dren
  5. Masalinie Merian
  6. Ranis Athrys
  7. Sharn gra-Muzgob


  1. Anarenen
  2. Edwinna Elbert
  3. Erranil
  4. Heem-La
  5. Manis Virmaulese
  6. Movis Darys
  7. Orrent Geontene
  8. Tanar Llervi
  9. Tremona Maren
  10. Vala Catraso


  1. Emelia Duronia
  2. Eraamion
  3. Ernand Thierry
  4. Folms Mirel
  5. Medila Indaren

Vivec City[]

Trebonius Artorius

  1. Craetia Jullalian
  2. Flacassia Fauseius
  3. Janand Maulinie
  4. Malven Romori
  5. Sirilonwe
  6. Tiram Gadar
  7. Trebonius Artorius

Sadrith Mora[]

  1. Arielle Phiencel
  2. Dabienne Mornardl
  3. Iniel
  4. Procyon Nigilius
  5. Skink-in-Tree's-Shade
  6. Tusamircil
  7. Uleni Heleran

Guild Guides[]

Within each Mages Guild there is a Guild Guide, who allows instant travel to any of the other Mages Guild halls in Morrowind.

With The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal add-on, there are two more guides added, only to travel to and from Mournhold and Ebonheart:




This section contains bugs related to Mages Guild (Morrowind). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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Divine Intervention and Almsivi Intervention Glitch[]

If transporting from one Mages Guild to another using the Guild Guide, the new location is not reset until exiting to an outside area. In addition, the World Map is not reset (for all guilds) until exiting the Mages Guild to which the character was transported. Specifically, if the character uses a guild guide to instantly travel between mages guilds, and then initiates Divine Intervention or Almsivi Intervention before exiting to an 'outside' location, they will be transported into the Fort or Temple, respectively, that was closest to the guild of departure (not the guild to which the guild guide sent them). This happens even if the character uses a guide to arrive at one Mages Guild, then uses that guide to go to a third, (etc.) Mages Guild, as long as the character did not go 'outside' at any time during this chain of journeys.

Example: The character uses the Ald'ruhn's Mages Guild guide to arrive at Balmora's Mages Guild, and then uses that guild's guide to arrive at Vivec City's Mages Guild in the Foreign Quarter Canton's Plaza. The character then uses Divine Intervention or Almsivi Intervention before ever going 'outside'. The intervention spell or scroll will transport the character to Buckmoth Legion Fort or Ald'ruhn's Tribunal Temple (the closest intervention locations to Ald' ruhn), and not to Ebonheart or the Temple Canton (which are the closest arrival points from the Foreign Quarter Canton).

Note: For Balmora and Caldera, exiting their respective Mages Guilds will place the character 'outside' (thus, refreshing the location). In the Foreign Quarter, the Mages Guild is not outside, even if the character enters another building of the Plaza (the Plaza must be exited before the location is correctly refreshed). Likewise, the refresh requires exiting to an 'outside' area of Wolverine Hall (if the arrival is Sadrith Mora's Mages Guild).

Regarding the identified location in the map, this glitch impacts the World map (but not the Local map). The original place-of-departure will be still be displayed on the World Map, but only if the arrival location is either Vivec City's Mages Guild or Sadrith Mora's Mages Guild. The map will be refreshed to show the correct location upon exiting the current Mages Guild building (even while still inside either the Foreign Quarter Plaza or Wolverine Hall Fort).

Thus, the Map refresh mechanism only requires exiting the Mages Guild buildings, but to refresh the Intervention-travel mechanism, it requires exiting to an 'outside' area.