The Mages Guild Well, situated behind the Mages Guildhall in Cheydinhal, is accessed during the quest "Cheydinhal Recommendation." The well is locked with a key that cannot be obtained until Falcar initiates the quest.


Cheydinhal RecommendationEdit

Falcar asks that a magic item, the Ring of Burden, be fetched from the well behind the guild, since the previous associate, Vidkun, failed to return when he was sent to fetch it. Suspecting trouble, Deetsan grants the Buoyancy spell to prevent drowning while the ring is recovered.

It is discovered that Vidkun drowned under the magical weight unsighted by the ring. It is also discovered that Falcar sends associates to fetch the ring, intentionally aware that they will drown in the well.

The quest serves as a tutorial into Alteration magic, as well as Necromancy, Black Soul Gems and Falcar's involvements with the Order of the Black Worm.

Potential to drownEdit

It is best to disrobe entirely before entering the well and collecting the Ring of Burden. If this is not possible, simply reverse-pickpocket items into Vidkun. Otherwise, drowning is likely. It may be more beneficial to collect the Jewel of the Rumare by completing "Go Fish" before exploring this location, to prevent possible drowning. Argonians, natural able to breathe underwater, encounter little trouble here.

Other usesEdit

Evading a bountyEdit

When a bounty has been accrued in Cheydinhal, the well can be hidden in if a means for Water Breathing and Invisibility (or having high defensive capabilities) exist. Guards are lead into the well to catch the criminal, but will quickly drown, especially if a Burden spell is cast upon them while they're underwater.

Beginning the Dark Brotherhood questlineEdit

Directly outside the well is a sleeping beggar. Because the buildings enclosing the well block the view from the main streets, guards are likely not to witness the beggar's murder, allowing the Cheydinhal Recommendation and the opening sequence for the Dark Brotherhood questline to be completed at the same time, if the Recommendation is begun at night.

Notable itemsEdit


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