The Mages War was a significant conflict that occurred shortly after the Rise of Daggerfall. It was fought primarily between the Mages Guild and the Necromancers of the Order of the Black Worm. The Mages War was mainly the work of Vanus Galerion and Mannimarco's hatred for each other, and Galerion's hatred for necromancy and the dark arts.

Using his necromancers, Mannimarco sabotaged Mages Guild operations and murdered Mages Guild members all across Tamriel. Vanus Galerion tiring of this left the Mages Guild with an army of Battlemages and Mages to confront Mannimarco and the Order of the Black Worm.

The First and Last Battle of the War[edit | edit source]

Vanus Galerion hating what his guild had become left it with thousands of disaffected Battlemages and Mages to end the threat of Mannimarco and necromancy once and for all. The two armies met on a cursed mountain path. They were equal in numbers and power. Galerion gave the order and the Mages charged forth raining death upon their enemy. The necromancers summoned undead to assist them, while the Mages Guild summoned daedra to assist them. The battle lasted for days.

The Mages won the battle. Mannimarco was thought to have been slain during the battle. Thousands of Necromancers and Mages died in the War, including Vanus Galerion. After the war pockets of necromancy would live on, and later Mannimarco would return to wreak havoc on the Mages again.

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