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Magicka represents the total amount of spells a character or creature can cast before being incapable of performing any more. Should the bar reach below the spell's requirement, said spell cannot be cast until the caster's Magicka has sufficiently replenished.


Starting magicka starts at 200 points and it only increases by ten points per player's choice each level. Magicka increases beyond its base value when certain enchanted items are equipped and if certain abilities or a certain spell is currently active. It may also increase magicka recovery, as an increase in magicka gain per second is based off of amount of magic and the level of the character.

Magicka can be restored by leveling up, completing a job, quest, or abyss run, by being defeated in an arena match or through use of:


Spells that restore Magicka:

Spell Duration
Magicka Surge Instant
Note: Although The spell Magicka Surge costs magicka, its effect restores it. It can effectively be cast without using any magicka or even restoring but requires the initial cost to cast.


Abilities that restore Magicka:

Ability Duration
Renewing Dodge Instant


Perks that restore magicka:

Perk Duration
Willpower Instant/Prolonged
Note: The effect of Willpower is instant, but the duration is prolonged. The Magicka cost is initially spent before being regenerated to its previous value.


Enchantments that restore magicka:

Enchantment Duration
Moderate/Major Magicka Active/Passive
[?] Conditional

Alchemy ingredientsEdit

Ingredients do not have to be first combined with related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion with that effect. The shop owner of an alchemy lab will simply list what potions the lab is equipped and funded enough to be able to make, and the ingredients are listed with each potion.


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