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Magicka is the character resource that is used to fuel spells in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It has exactly the same purpose that magicka in Oblivion and Skyrim does, and that is being the resource used to cast magic albeit with a few, but major differences.

During gameplay, magicka is displayed as the blue bar underneath the player's red health bar, and above the green stamina bar. One critical difference between magicka in Morrowind and the newer Elder Scrolls games is that it does not regenerate naturally by any means, and the only main way to restore depleted/used magicka is to rest (not wait). Restoring magicka through resting functions the same way restoring health does, with a proportionally larger wait time required for a larger magicka pool.

Additionally, magicka may be restored by drinking restore Magicka potions or using scrolls which absorb magicka from enemy spellcasters; however, these potions can be somewhat uncommon, and quite difficult for beginning magic-user characters to get.

The lack of in-combat magicka regeneration in Morrowind makes utilizing magic effectively without constant and tedious resting quite difficult if not impossible, as spells can have a very high magicka cost and many dungeons and indoor combat prevents the player from resting due to the presence of enemies.

Several birthsigns and race choices affect magicka. Bretons and Altmers gain an innate bonus multiplier to their magicka (x0.5 and x1.5 respectively), stacking with any bonuses from birthsigns.

Additionally, Bretons, Altmers, Argonians and Dunmer have innate skill bonuses to several schools of magic, making them ideal magicka users.

Maximum magicka (the amount of magicka actively available for use by the player) is determined this way:  your total Magicka is determined by multiplying your Intelligence by your base Magicka Multiplier, which is 1 by default. Fortify Maximum Magicka magic effects from Races or Birthsigns can increase this multiplier. You can also increase your Magicka pool by using items with a Fortify Magicka or Fortify Intelligence effect.

Due to low skills or other effects, attempts at casting spells can fail, meaning the spell is not cast, but the Magicka cost of the spell will still be deducted from your total Magicka pool.

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