Magister Enuse is a Chimer. She was one of the mages who initially bound Balreth to Ash Mountain. She will appears during the quest "Rending Flames."


Rending FlamesEdit

Enuse appears wounded inside the vision from the past. She instructs the Vestige to summon two fire atronachs in order to help Mavos Siloreth stop Balreth.


Rending FlamesEdit

"You're not my acolyte. Where did you come from?"

I'm here to help. I've closed the portals. "Very brave, acolyte. Now, listen. Mavos can't last much longer. He gained control of two powerful guardian atronachs. They should be able to hold even Balreth. Ragebinder and Blaze. Go to the braziers. Summon them, and let this day be done."


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