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"Magister Gothren reigns over Tel Aruhn - the fungal tower west of here. He has a sour reputation, but remains one of the most powerful mages in Tamriel"

Magister Gothren is a Dunmer magister of House Telvanni, who will be found at Tel Aruhn on Vvardenfell. His Mouth is Ralasa Delvi.


Objections and ObstaclesEdit

Sun-in-Shadow asks the Outlander to help gain Magister Gothren's trust and get rid of his mouth, Ralasa Delvi.

The Magister Makes a MoveEdit

Vexed at the death of his Mouth, Magister Gothren kidnaps Sun-in-Shadow and tasks the Outlander with retrieving Magister Otheri's research notes to make things even.


  • Gothren previously appeared in Morrowind, at which point he had become the archmagister of the House.
  • He respects courage and candor, according to his newly appointed Mouth, Arith Sendrul.
  • If you speak to Sun-in-Shadow after the events of "The Heart of a Telvanni," she reports that Magister Gothren was furious at the loss of his slaves and slave master Arenim but, being unpopular with his peers, received little more than empty platitudes from the rest of the council.



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