"Welcome to the town of Hakoshae. I must say, it is not often I see a new face. Have you perhaps come to take part in our festival?"
―Magnate Feina-Darak[src]

Magnate Feina-Darak is the Imperial leader of Hakoshae in Northern Elsweyr.


She and her royal family are the presumed to be descendants of the Potentate Versidue Shaie, whose relative is believed to have been the founder of Hakoshae, originally a town for Akaviri refugees. In reality, it was the traitor Lieutenant Lein-Barduik who stole the identity of Proconsul Beloren-Kaie, the true next of kin, after he fell to a Morag Tong's assassin blade. Decades later, when the Magnate preformed the Proving Festival's call to her ancestors, the Proconsul responded and judged her according to their traditions to be unworthy, kidnapping her and resurrecting the spirits of the Hakoshae Tombs. When the Vestige ventures into the catacombs and defeats their guardians, Beloren-Kaie relents and agrees to release her on the condition that she renounce her title and tell her people the truth. She accepts, and prostrates herself before the entire town, who despite it all, still overwhelmingly admire her and ask that she remain their leader. Gratefully, she says that she will stay for as long as the people will have her, and will do her best to help the town however she can.[source?]


Descendant of the PotentateEdit




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