"This person is our enemy! Quickly! Kill the intruder!"
―Magnifico Khorshad[src]

Magnifico Khorshad is a Redguard residing in Satakalaam, in the Alik'r Desert region.


Imperial IncursionEdit



Imperial Incursion

"Whoever you are. I rejoice that you have come to my rescue. The Imperials have kept me locked in here. I deemed it likely that they would seize control of all Alik'r, and there would be nowhere to flee to."

Don't lie. You helped the Imperials, didn't you? "Yes, it's true, but only because resisting would have been to no avail. They sought to use my manor as their command center. They would have slain me if I had not complied."
Show me where the Imperials are coming in. "Coming in? I do not have any insight on this. I have been contained here in the manor the whole time. I did not even witness the Imperials marching into the city."
Are you lying to me? "Yes, but please don't hurt me! I did. I-I permitted the Imperials to use the smuggling tunnel beneath the manor, but I regret it now. There's a hatch below. Take the key. Do whatever you wish."
How can I stop them from coming through the tunnel? "There are barrles of kindlepitch down in the tunnel. If you place them near the supports and ignite them, that should collapse the tunnel. I am very sorry for what I have done. Perhaps ... you could permit me to leave?"
You can go, but don't ever come back.
No. You betrayed the Covenant. You die.


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