Magra gro-Naybek is an Orsimer general merchant and skill trainer found at Borba's Goods and Stores in Cheydinhal. He only sells goods after the store closes so it can be difficult to talk to him. If wanting to buy and sell with him, the store must be entered before it closes for the night and wait. He sells miscellaneous items, but buys a much wider range of merchandise.

He wears Blacksmith's Pants and Apron with stitched leather shoes and carries a key to Borba's store and some gold.



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  • Even though Magra is defined as a merchant, he offers none because of his AI packages won't allow him to. Installing the Fighter's Stronghold add-on will add two hours of service.
  • His key does not work for the basement door, and he may end up stuck there.


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