Magrus, the "Cat's Eye,"[1][2] is the Khajiiti god of the sun and sorcery,[2] especially venerated by magicians along with Azurah[3] and associated with the multi-pantheon god of magic Magnus.

It is said that Boethra pried Magrus's eye out, which is why Khajiit value both swords and claws.[4] After this event, when Magrus was fleeing from Lorkhaj and Boethra, he could only see from one eye and thus accidentally wound up in Moonshadow, Azurah's plane. Azurah judged him too full of fear to rule over a plane, and tore his other eye out, blinding him. Magnus's eye would then be used in the Aether Prism.[5] Some sorcerers think that Magrus left his eye to Azurah willingly.[5]

Magrus has a daughter named Merid-Nunda, whom he didn't love because he only loved himself and his own creations. Rather than taking a mate, Magrus had forged Merid-Nunda out of Aether.[6]

In a blessing, Magrus is said to "smile upon the fields by day, while Jone and Jode dance over them by night,"[7] an allusion to the sun and moons. Although he is venerated by magicians, his cult is not as popular as that of Azurah.[2]

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