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Maiden's Token is a quest given by Imsin the Dreamer in Buckmoth Legion Fort to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After receiving further orders from Imsin the Dreamer, the Nerevarine must go to Assumanu and retrieve a glove in the possession of Varona Nelas.

Assumanu is a cave is south-east of Ald Redaynia, near the shore, or south-west of the Andavel Ancestral Tomb. A Calm Humanoid spell and raising dispositions can be used on the characters within to avoid a confrontation. Varona may turn hostile if talked to about the glove, unless her disposition is raised first, she will, then willingly hand over the glove.

(Optional) Once the glove is obtained, it can be returned to Ilmeni Dren, in Vivec City's St. Delyn Canton, in Canal South-One.

The Nerevarine can now report back to Imsin.

After this quest for Imsin, the Nerevarine should be eligible to advance to the rank of Knight Errant.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
Varona Nelas is blackmailing a Buoyant Armiger. She has an embroidered glove which was given to this Buoyant Armiger as a token of affection. It would cause a scandal if it were known that they are lovers. Imsin the Dreamer asked me to recover this glove from Varona Nelas and bring it to her. Varona Nelas can be found in Assumanu, which is southeast of Ald Redaynia.
  • Quest accepted
Varona Nelas agreed to give me the glove, which was given by Ilmeni Dren to a Buoyant Armiger. Ilmeni Dren can be found in Vivec.
I returned the embroidered glove to Ilmeni Dren.
I brought the embroidered glove to Imsin the Dreamer. She will make sure it is returned to the Buoyant Armiger it belongs to.
  • Quest completed
Imsin the Dreamer thanked me for giving the glove back to Ilmeni Dren.
  • Quest completed
I told Imsin the Dreamer that Varona Nelas was dead.
  • Quest completed

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