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The following are quests necessary to completing The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey.

Azra's Crossing questsEdit

These quests must be completed in the order they appear.

Star TeethEdit

These quests don't have to be completed in order, but at least five Star Teeth must be collected to progress in the story line.

Witch Tree ToothEdit

Porliss Caith's ToothEdit

Azra Nightwielder's ToothEdit

Additionally, the three others are found in Lakvan's Stronghold, Broken Wing, and Glacier Crawl which can only be found by free-roaming or finding them while on other quests.

Crypt of HeartsEdit

The final quest strangely does not have a formal entry into the journal. The player must travel to the Crypt of Hearts and insert the Star Teeth into their proper position, and only then can the Umbra'Keth be defeated.

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