Makar the Elder is a Redguard member of the Horsemen found in Silverhoof Vale.


Rusty DaggersEdit

A crew I once helped in Glenumbra was hired to hunt harpies in Silverhoof Vale. They may need my help to complete the job.


Show: Rusty Daggers
If talked to before finding the Remly brothers:

"The winds bring us strange tidings. Fortunately, we can always find a way to cope."

Why did you hire these mercenaries to kill the harpies?
"The harpies came down the hillside and attacked our horses. I'd heard of a band of traveling fighters who were experts against the harpies, and sent for them. We were lucky. They were nearby, and between contracts."

Tell me about your tribe.
"Our tribe's descended from an ancient race. We care for the horses, and they work hard for us. We often train steeds for others as well, which brings us goods in trade. This may be a simple life, but it's one full of history."
What do you think of these men so far?
"They seem to work very hard, but without much progress, like foals. I'm sorry we didn't add a provision to the contract about timeliness."

After the Remly brothers have been found and rescued:

"What is going on? Why are the harpies attacking? You look like you can handle yourself, get out there and help."

After the harpy attack have been warded off:

"You're the only one who isn't a member of this group. Perhaps you will speak truly. The contract specifies they must do the work promptly and effectively. I'm not sure what happened, to be honest. Did they do anything worth paying for?"

You'd trust my opinion about such a thing?
"You're not a part of their group, as I said. I'm not trying to cheat them. I just want to know if they did what they said they would. Is their effort here today worth our hard-earned gold?"

To be honest, I helped them quite a bit.
"If only we'd known, we could have hired you instead of them. I'm sure they mean well, but I've never seen such incompetence before! We do not have much, but please take this as a token of our gratitude."
[Lie] Absolutely, this was their plan all along.[?]

If spoken to after the quest Rusty Daggers is completed:

"We will escort these men to our border. They are not as skilled as we were led to believe, and I'll be sure to let this be known."


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