"Great heroes often carry the greatest regrets."
―Makela Leki[src]

Makela Leki is an ancient Redguard hero who is now a ghost. She is found at HoonDing's Watch in the Alik'r Desert, and later at the Hall of Heroes.

At age 11, Makela Leki began training as a sword-singer in the Hall of the Virtues of War. She died fighting against an invasion led by King Joile of Daggerfall.[1]


Trials of the HeroEdit

The Vestige talks to the ghosts of four heroes: Derik Hallin, Divad Hunding, Frandar Hunding, and Makela.

Trials and TribulationsEdit

The Vestige is tasked with finding burial chamber of Makel so that they can earn her blessing.


Trials and Tribulations

"It takes a brave soldier to enter the Chamber of Passage, but courage alone is not what defines a warrior. One has already breached the chamber without my blessing, but you come behind seeking just that, do you not?"

I do. I seek to stop the one who went in there. "And by seeking our blessing, you show that you deserve such an honor. The one who breached the chamber—this Septima Tharn—she has strength, courage, and even wisdom, but she lacks an essential quality of a true Ansei."
What quality is that? "The answer is the key to my blessing. You will find several impressive swords in this chamber. They are only symbols of ideals, but bring me the blade a true sword-singer would wield, and I will grant you entrance to the Chamber of Passage."
I'll choose the appropriate sword then.

After picking the sword:

"You must think as a sword-singer would. Which blade would be most suitable for a warrior who has achieved mastery of his or her technique?"

I believe I have the correct blade. "Very well then. Which blade is it?"
<Give her the Simple Training Sword.> "Well done. A true sword-singer would select the Training Sword because it is the swordsman, not the sword, that matters. You understand true humility. You have my blessing. You may enter the Chamber of Passage."
Thank you.



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