Malacath Priest is an Orsimer found beside the road at one of his possible locations in Wrothgar. He can grant Malacath's Blessing effect.


"Champion of Orsinium, it is an honor to meet you. Would you like to receive Malacath's blessing now?"

I'd like to hear more about Malacath. "Even the unworthy want to bend before Malacath. Malacath is the god of curses and betrayed, the protector of the Orcs and the provider of the code. For every broken promise, he gives us battle. For every grudge, he gives us blood!"
[Intimidate] By Malacath's terrifying tusks, give me his true blessing, priest! "You do understand the fury and the anguish! May Malacath's ferocious spirit fill you, making you fearsome and terrifying to friends and foes alike!"
I'd like to receive Malacath's blessing please. "You are not worthy of Malacath's fury. Away with you!"

After receiving the blessing:

Priest "Malacath's ferocity already flows through your veins. May his blessing bring victory in every battle!"


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