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Malacath of the House of Troubles is a Tribunal Temple quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Speak with Endryn Llethan.
  2. Speak with Archcanon Tholer Saryoni.
  3. Obtain four Daedra's Hearts.
  4. Head to Dagon Fel.
  5. Return to Saryoni.


Once the Nerevarine has completed all of the other Tribunal Temple quests, they may head to the Vivec Temple and speak with Endryn Llethan. Llethan will then inform the Nerevarine that Archcanon Tholer Saryoni wishes to speak with them. Llethan will give the Nerevarine a key to Saryoni's office in the Crosier of the High Fane.

Orders from the High FaneEdit

Saryoni will instruct the Nerevarine as to their next task. Saryoni wishes that the Nerevarine undertakes the Pilgrimages of the Four Corners before obtaining the "Ebony Mail." The first Pilgrimage of the Four Corners is to the Statue of Malacath, hidden within the Sheogorad region. The Nerevarine is also instructed to take four Daedra's Hearts to the shrine.

First Corner of the House of TroublesEdit

Once the Nerevarine has obtained four daedra's hearts (either through battling Daedra or purchasing them through alchemist shops) then they must head into the Sheogorad region. The Nerevarine can then head to the town of Dagon Fel and, from there, head southwest to find the Statue. The Nerevarine should then approach the Statue and interact with it. The four daedra hearts will be taken from the Nerevarine's inventory, with the Nerevarine receiving a message (containing the poem Four Corners of the House of Troubles) and the Blessings of the First Corner (Fortify Attribute: Strength, 10pts for 48 minutes).

Once the Nerevarine has received the Blessing, they may return to Saryoni to obtain the details of the next pilgrimage.


Malacath of the House of Troubles
IDJournal Entry
1I heard that Archcanon Tholer Saryoni wishes to speak with me. I have been given a key to his quarters.
  • Quest accepted
 10 Tholer Saryoni told me that the First Corner of the House of Troubles is Malacath. There is a shrine to Malacath on the island of Sheogorad. To get there I should go south past the Dwemer ruins and take the second road heading west. I must find this shrine, donate four daedra hearts, and recite Vivec's "Four Corners."
 100 I made the Pilgrimage to Dagon Fel and read a passage from the Four Corners of the House of Troubles.
  • Quest complete


  • Although this quest should not be available to the Nerevarine until they have completed all other available Tribunal Temple quests, it is possible to do this quest by simply speaking to Saryoni about 'bad daedra' and 'four corners'.
    • This should not have any overall bearing on the Tribunal Temple questline.
    • It can also be completed by simply interacting with the Statue while carrying four daedra hearts.
  • Cursed daedra hearts will not be accepted as tribute.
  • Another statue, also dedicated to Malacath, can be in Assurdirapal.
    • This quest cannot be completed by visiting the Assurdirapal statue.
    • Likewise, Malacath's Quest cannot be completed by visiting the shrine near Dagon Fel.

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