Not to be confused with High Fane.

Malada is an Ayleid Ruin in far eastern Cyrodiil in the Nibenay Basin, northwest of Abandoned Mine. It is inhabited by generic creatures, such as Rats, Bears, and Spriggans.


Only when on the "Nothing You Can Possess" quest is it possible to get past the door on the first floor, as it requires a key. When past the door/wall there are only undead enemies.

Be aware of the shooting Dark Welkynd Stones on the first level as they are powerful and can drain health quickly. There is a floor trap further through on the second level.


  • Malada
  • Malada Aldmerisel/Ancestor's Hall

Notable itemsEdit


Nothing You Can PossessEdit

Umbacano has asked the Hero to retrieve a carved panel from an Ayleid site known only as the High Fane in his sources. He has given them a sketch which will help to identify this ruin, as well as one of the carving which he wants. He also gave them a carved stone key which will allow them to enter the central chamber of the High Fane when finding it.


  • In the Ayleid language Ayleidoon, Malada means High Fane.[1]



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