Not to be confused with Mahlene.
"There's a bed, of a sort. It ain't much, but it gets the job done. 10 gold a night if you're interested."

Malene quote

Malene is a Nord publican who owns the Roxey Inn.


The Gravefinder's ReposeEdit

When first met, she will bluntly ask the Hero to kill Raelynn the Gravefinder, a Necromancer who has taken up residence in nearby Moss Rock Cavern.

Heavy Armor TrainingEdit

She is also the secret love of one of her patrons, a Redguard named Pranal. He will ask the Hero to buy a set of cups and a pitcher in return for Master-level training in Heavy Armor.

Zero VisibilityEdit

Malene can be asked about Aleswell, the nearby village that recently disappeared.


The Gravefinder's ReposeEdit

"I don't know how to make this request any simpler, but to put it bluntly, Raelynn the Gravefinder must die."

Raelynn the Gravefinder "A few months ago, that witch of a Necromancer decided to inhabit Moss Rock Cavern just north of my inn. I don't know what she does in there; frankly, I don't want to know. However, I do know that after she arrived, the woods at night became unsafe. I've seen undead of all types walking in the dark woods near the cave entrance. Now, this area's getting a bad reputation and my business has waned. Every day, it seems the number of undead increase. If someone can get into the cave and kill Raelynn, maybe we can stem the tide. Her death pays a handsome bounty. I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity."

"Raelynn will finally get what's coming to her."
(After killing Raelynn)
"I assume you've dealt with Raelynn appropriately."

Raelynn the Gravefinder "I realize it's in poor taste to celebrate anyone's demise, but Raelynn was evil through-and-through. You've done the right thing. I believe we had a contract. Here's my part."

"Thank you for saving my business, I won't forget it."


"Oh, go on! Leave me then!" ―If one does not speak about Raelynn and leaves dialogue


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