Malkoran's Shade is a creature in Kilkreath Ruins encountered during the quest "The Break of Dawn." It spawns once Malkoran is killed, and immediately attacks the Dragonborn.


Malkoran's Shade is the shade of the powerful necromancer Malkoran that rises after his death, retaining quite a bit of the mage's power. Malkoran is one of the most powerful mages in Skyrim, and has managed to steal Dawnbreaker from the Daedric Prince Meridia. The creation of his shade is further evidence of his power.


Malkoran's Shade uses shock spells such as Lightning Bolt. Once it runs out of magicka, it will try to obtain a weapon from a nearby corpse and will use it for the rest of the battle.


The Break of DawnEdit

After Malkoran has been killed in order to complete this quest, his shade will rise to attack as Malkoran did in life. Killing the shade will reward Dawnbreaker.


  • It is the only unique Corrupted Shade that appears in the game.
  • Malkoran's Shade looks slightly like a Dragon Priest. The game developers may have used a retextured Dragon Priest model.


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