Template:SkyrimNPCs Malkoran is a Breton Conjurer in Kilkreath Ruins. He stole Dawnbreaker from Meridia and used its power to create an army of Corrupted Shades.


Enemy of the Daedric Lord Meridia, Malkoran is one of the most powerful wizards in Skyrim, and his combination of destruction and restoration spells are amongst the toughest for the Dragonborn to go up against. He will arm himself with a Steadfast Ward nearly every time they use a destruction spell of their own or a shout, plus a Fast Healing spell should his health be lowered.

Also, Malkoran will unleash a pair of frost-related destruction spells, Icy Spear and Ice Storm. Once he's killed, his shade will emerge from his recently killed corpse and will unleash powerful attacks on them.


The Break of Dawn

Upon obtaining the beacon, which is a large gem with no value, Meridia commands the Dragonborn to take the beacon to the shrine located west of Solitude, directly north of the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp. Once there, Meridia will tell the Dragonborn that there is a powerful necromancer named Malkoran defiling her temple, whom the Dragonborn must destroy.



  • He can be used to gain infinite gold. Malkoran's Shade will appear as a new enemy every time Malkoran dies and will always have its default loot, which will always be 1 Bone Meal and 250 GoldIcon. Thus, using Dead Thrall to revive him will allow this process to be repeated potentially infinite times.
  • Malkoran may appear with or without a hood.


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