"You've strayed into the wrong camp, n'wah. The Erabenimsun greet outlanders with steel, not pleasantries. Pay respect, leave, or die."

Manaad is a Dunmer Ashlander of the Erabenimsun Tribe, located in Ald'ruhn on Vvardenfell. As part of the celebration of Skar's defeat, he guards and prays to the cairn of the First Ashkhan of the Erabenimsun.


I want to learn more about the Erabenimsun tribe. "We speak death for the enemies of the Ashlanders. The Velothi people face threats on all sides. Beasts, Daedra, House scum. While the Zainab, and Ahemmusa, and Urshilaku pray and gather roots, we hunt and kill. We keep the Ashlanders safe."

Are you always this hostile? "The tribe shows mercy when it suits us. For example, you still have your tongue. The Wastes do not suffer fools, n'wah. Nor do we."


  • "Truly? You threaten us with a broken weapon? Very well, outlander! Time to... wait. This is an exile's weapon? A gift? Place it near the cairn. Slowly." — During "Ancestral Ties"
  • "A gift of blood and steel pleases us. More importantly, it pleases the spirit of our First Ashkhan, Shadar. You have the tribe's respect. For now."
  • "The Erabenimsun will not sit idly by as the Redoran set roots in Ald'ruhn. We will do what we must. Kill who we must. Skar has but one master—the Ashlanders." — After "Ancestral Ties"


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