"The voices, though. So loud they are, they drown out the words. Without my amulet, my stone to lock the voices away, the words will never come and stay."

Manduin's Amulet (also referred to as the Seer's Stone) is a unique jewelry item belonging to Dagail. It is the amulet that Dagail sends the Hero of Kvatch to obtain to complete the recommendation. It is hidden deep in the fort of Fort Blueblood. The amulet shuts out the voices in her head when worn by her. This amulet was owned originally by Dagail's father.

Both Dagial and her father suffered from the same affliction. While both magically powerful, the voices in their heads could overwhelm them. Both Dagail's original amulet and her father's allowed them to block out the voices and keep hold of their sanity.


  • Obtained during the Mages Guild quest from Manduin's Remains.



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