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The First Mane, Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, with Lunar Champions Khali and Shazah.

The Mane is the formal title given to the nonpartisan spiritual leader and ruler of Elsweyr and the Khajiit people.[1][2] Sometimes, they are successful in bringing temporary peace to the province; however, this does not last very long.[2] Historically, the Mane has been known to reside in the city-state of Torval, where he is protected by his Warrior Guard.[1]


Nhad-hatta - Mane of Elsweyr around 2E 864, wearing the braids and hair-locks of his entire tribe.

Khajiit tradition holds that only one Mane can be alive at any one time and that there is only one Mane, who is simply reborn in different bodies.[1] Twins Khali and Shazah were born as twins during the alignment of the moons, making them both Lunar Champions. They had to compete with each other to become the new Mane.[3]

A Mane can be born only under a rare alignment of the moons Masser and Secunda when, according to legend, a third moon appears in the sky. In ancient times, the Khajiit would shave off their own manes in deference to the Mane, braiding them into locks that he would incorporate into his own, gigantic mane. Over time, as the population of the region grew, this ritual became impractical.[1]

Now, while all Khajiit still remove their manes, they do so largely as a symbolic sacrifice. The current Mane still wears the hair-locks and braids of his own tribe as well as those of his Warrior Guard, which encompasses hundreds of Khajiit. He is so weighted down by the hair of his kinsmen that he cannot move without aid, and often travels about the countryside by means of a palanquin.[1]

List of Manes[]



  • Mane Akkhuz-ri was corrupted by Javad Tharn's magic, and after being cleansed, he decided to step down as Mane, meaning that a Mane does not need to die to be succeeded. Akkhuz-ri noted that he thought this was best because the Khajiit needed a stronger leader than him.


  1. Despite Rid-Thar often being attributed as the first Mane, there were at least three Manes prior to his reign. It is never explained how this happened, but it is confirmed to not be a transcription error.
  2. Lunar Champions Khali and Shazah were twins born during the moon alignment. As this had never happened in history before, they competed for the position as the new Mane, and only one was crowned while the other chose to keep the Dark Mane contained within themselves. Whoever was chosen is dependent on the Vestige's choice in The Elder Scrolls Online questline.



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