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Mani was a Redguard citizen. His corpse lies impaled on a ledge in the Frostflow Abyss, in Winterhold Hold. Mani's family recently took over the Frostflow Lighthouse, after moving to Skyrim from Hammerfell.


Unhappy with his life in Skyrim, Mani planned to return to Hammerfell once his father Habd returned from town.

Under his bed, Mani's knapsack contains a letter to his sister, telling her about his intentions. Unfortunately, Falmer tunneling over the Frostflow Abyss broke into the lighthouse above before Mani could leave.

His mother Ramati was killed as soon as the Falmer emerged, and his father died of Chaurus poisoning. The Falmer kidnapped Mani and his sister before killing him. His corpse can be found near the Frostflow Abyss entrance, impaled by a Falmer Sword.


Frostflow AbyssEdit

Investigate the Frostflow Lighthouse to discover the result of an attack on the family who lived there.


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