For the lane in Legends, see Mania Lane.

Mania is the brighter side of the Shivering Isles. Its capital is Bliss, New Sheoth.

Mania is home to a number of indigenous animal species, some of which may be dangerous at lower levels. It is recommended to stay on the clearly marked paths when traveling anywhere within the Shivering Isles.

Flora and FaunaEdit

TESSI Location Mania

Mania is notable for its clear skies, brightly colored plant life and tall, smooth, moss-covered standing stones which occasionally form delicate arches. Red Kelp often grows on the top of these rocks, with Hydnum Azure growing in bright-blue clusters on their side. Fungi of many different sizes grow across Mania. Immature Mushroom Trees (which produce Unrefined Greenmote) grow alongside giant but unproductive adult versions. Slender blue stacks of mushrooms grow throughout the region, especially along the cobblestone paths in the northeast. Flame Stalk grow abundantly within caves and forts on tree branches and other wet clay surfaces. Alocasia and Worm's Head can be found in abundant numbers. Like most alchemy ingredients in Mania, both have primarily restorative properties.


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The ridge between Mania and Dementia breaks in a few places – notably around the settlement of Split – but rises generally from west to east, and comes to a peak northwest of New Sheoth. Other settlements in Mania include Hale and Highcross.




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