Not to be confused with Mannimarco.

King Mantiarco was ruler of Solitude in early Third Era. He was also husband of the infamous Queen Potema Septim.


King Mantiarco's first wife was Queen Amodetha, who was beloved by the people of Solitude. From this marriage Mantiarco's first son was born. He was named Bathorgh. After growing up Prince Bathorgh became one of the mightiest warriors of Solitude.[1]

Unfortunately, Queen Amodetha died and left the King widowed.[1]

As a sign of peace between Solitude and the Septim Dynasty, King Mantiarco and Emperor Uriel Septim II signed a Promise of Marriage. Galana Septim was to marry the old king.[2] During his ambassadors visit in 3E 80, the Promise was stolen and hidden from the Hall of Records by the young Potema Septim. By doing this she accidentally became the promised bride herself.[2]

One year later in 3E 81, then 14-year-old Potema married King Mantiarco. Despite the nature of the marriage and the vast age difference, Mantiarco truly loved Potema and allowed her to do whatever she wished.[1] Surprisingly, 15 years later in 3E 97 Queen Potema gave birth to Mantiarco's second son. The old king wanted to name the boy in his own honor, Mantiarco the Second. Potema, however, had far greater plans for her son, thus he was named Uriel Septim III.[1]


After investigating rumors on treason in 3E 97, King Mantiarco found out that his firstborn was in fact son of Queen Amodetha and his trusted warchief Lord Thone. Prince Bathorgh was stripped of his rights to the throne and expelled from the kingdom, never to be heard of again.[1]

It is unclear if this was indeed truth, as Queen Potema may have created false evidence placed by her trusted warchief and succesor of Lord Thone, Lord Vhokken. This way Queen Potema also ensured that it was her son that would gain the throne after death of Mantiarco.[1]

King Mantiarco died in 3E 99, only short while after death of Emperor Pelagius Septim II. He was 81 years old and never had a chance to see his heir reach adulthood.[3]



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