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"And here I was thinking those welwa beasties were bad enough. When I stumbled on this thing, it was surrounded by their corpses. I watched the four-legged terror grab one and literally tear it in half. No joke!"
―Overheard at the Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth[src]

Mantikoras are large predators said to inhabit the region of Craglorn.[1] They are said to look like a mix of various creatures. Namely, the Nord Belinka (who had been sent to Craglorn) describes their appearance as "almost as though a scorpion and a Wamasu had a baby."[1] "Mantikora" is the local name,[1] and the creature doesn't seem to be well known elsewhere. The Mantikora appears to be an apex predator, as even other predators are reported to serve as its food source.[2]

Mantikoras are mentioned by Boward, Regent of Wriggling Nightmares, who mentions alchemical experiments involving a Wamasu egg-bearer; the traits of a scorpion matron and a crocodile matriarch; and a Mantikora (of which increasing the power of was the objective). He also wanted to provide the said Mantikora with the Wamasu's charged current ability, in hope of creating a new, "wondrous" creature and thus raising his position in the Scaled Court.[3] Other sources describe it as a cross between a Scorpion and a Wamasu [4]


Slithering BroodEdit


The Oldest GhostEdit

The first boss in this quest is a possessed Mantikora, likely possessed by the Celestial Serpent.

The Blood of NirnEdit

Mantikoras are in one of the rooms in Skyreach Hold. It is possible to run past them, however.



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  • The name "Mantikora" is the latin pronunciation counterpart of "Manticore."
  • Hrozizolk is capabale of creating Mantikora.



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