"I urge you to destroy the robe, lest its dark power take hold over you as it did me."
Tymvaul [src]

The Mantle of Woe is an enchanted robe worn by the necromancer Tymvaul in the Rimhull ice cave, located west of Skaal Village. Its wearer is the subject of the quest "Tymvaul in the Well." The robe can be obtained by killing Tymvaul, or by convincing him to take it off by speaking about his father, Lassnr.


Enchantment ID: mantle_woe_en

All effects are constant on self:

The Fortify Maximum Magicka effect increases the amount of Magicka one has available by 5.0× their Intelligence attribute.


  • The location of the Mantle of Woe is revealed in a journal found in Skygge.



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