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Manwe is a Dunmer sorceress. She is studying Oblivion streams in Punabi cave. Manwe is having some troubles with the Mages Guild because of not paying dues for some time.


Manwe's DuesEdit

Collect the 2000 gold that Manwe owes the Mages Guild.


Manwe's Dues

Guild Dues "Will you leave me alone if I give you the 2000 septims? I cannot leave my research unattended."

Yes. "Here. Take the gold and leave me to my work. I would advise that you leave here now. We are engaged in very serious research here and if you disturb my colleagues, they may not be very understanding."
Guild Dues "I have already given you the dues you claim I owe. What more do you want of me?"
No. "I should have expected such discourteous behavior from one of the lower races."


  • In the Construction Set can be found a journal entry #30 for a Manwe's Dues quest that cannot be obtained: "Manwe says that she is no longer a member of the Mages Guild and refuses to pay the dues."


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