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Marandus is an ancient stronghold. It is located North of Vivec City and East of Balmora. It is controlled by House Redoran and occupied by rogue Redorans. If the Nerevarine is a high-ranking member of House Redoran, these characters will be friendly, otherwise they will be hostile.


Marandus Lower levelEdit

After walking through a long corridor one first arrive at a room with just a few benches and a door leading to the upper level. The next room is a sleeping area with beds, tables and chairs. On the chest of drawers lies a scroll and some GoldIcon. There are also one small chest and an old chest in the room. Both are locked. On the shelfs are miscellaneous utensils.

The last room on this level is larger and have more beds and seating for the occupants. A few more chests and on one of the chest of drawers one can find some valuables. On another chest are more GoldIcon, an amulet and a scroll.

Marandus Upper levelEdit

On the upper level are four rooms, three smaller and one larger. A door leads to the upper courtyard.

In the first two rooms are more beds, chests and tables for the occupants. Here one will find the healer Driloru and on her table are a few ingredients, scrolls, potions and a greater soul gem.

In the third room is only one bed and here one can find Doryno Verendas. Nothing much of value here except some GoldIcon and a lute. In the last room on this level are rats and the furniture are all knocked about.

Marandus DomeEdit

Inside the dome is a bed, a few chairs and a table. Three baskets and utensils on some shelrs along with two bottles of skooma. A potion and a soulgem can also be found. Probably the home of Tanel the healer.

Marandus Propylon ChamberEdit

Inside are two columns, Telasero and Hlormaren Propylon. A few containers and a couple of rats.



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