Marcella Ammianus is an Imperial priestess of Mara found near Fort Sphinxmoth. Along with a group of guards, they tracked a group of bandits that robbed artefacts from their temple back to their hideout.


An Affront to MaraEdit



An Affront to Mara

"Mara bless you, child. Did one of my temple guards send you this way?"

Yes, they said you could use some help. What did the bandits steal? "The thieves went straight to the reliquary. They took the chalice, and a number of other relics. The relics have little monetary value, but we know the Chalice of Mara has divine mystical properties. I suspect they had help."
What do you want me to do? "We tracked them here, and several of the chapel guardians went in to retrieve the relics. But ... they haven't come back. Would you be willing to venture into the ruin and see if you can find our stolen relics?"
I'll see what I can do. '""The Godess watch over and keep you in your search. You seek four of Mara's treasures: a circlet, a dagger, a phylactery, and ... of course ... the chalice."
Can I ask a few questions? "Of course, child. Mara teaches that knowledge is the water used to grow a strong and healthy mind. What would you know?"
Can you tell me more about the relics I'm looking for? "All of the relics are sacred to the Goddess of Love, though the Chalice of Mara is the most holy. It's said the Lady sent it to be used at the Wedding of Saint Alessia!"
How many chapel guardians did you send into the ruins? "Four of them. Eliana, Decanus, Veranus, and Talania. None of them have come back and I fear for their lives. If you can help them, in Mara's name, please do."
Do you know anything about this place or the bandits? "Very little, to be honest. This place was once an Imperial stronghold called Fort Sphinxmoth."

After retrieving the relics:

"Mara be praised, you've returned! Did you find the relics?"

I have recovered all of the relics. "Truly, your coming was a gift from Mara herself! To confess the truth, I feared I'd sent you to your death. My faith was being tested. I see that now. Thank you, and go with the love of Mara."


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