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Marcurio is an Imperial spellcaster in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who resides in the Bee and Barb in Riften. He can be hired as a follower for 500 Gold. After hiring him, and wearing an Amulet of Mara, Marcurio becomes a candidate for marriage.


"Why settle for just stabbing your foes when you can roast them alive in a gout of arcane fire?"

Marcurio is an imperial mage who graduated from an arcane college in Cyrodill. Marcurio is prideful, arrogant, charming, and sarcastic, saying things such as "Try not to walk into any spike-filled pits or filthy skeever dens." or "I am an apprentice wizard, not a pack mule! oh, very well just make it quick."

He is very interested in Dwemer culture and technology, though he admits he would like them more were they not constantly trying to kill him. When in ancient Nordic tombs, he reflects on his seemingly extensive knowledge of Nordic culture and history, Inside caves, he warns the player to be mindful of the dangers "Don't go stopping for a nap. If you fall asleep in this place, you'll never wake up". Inside mines, Marcurio tends to me more wary, asking the player "Are you sure you wouldn't rather explore, say, a nice tavern?" and "Let's try not to make too much noise. I've heard that cave-ins can start that way". Despite liking to delve into ruins, he dislikes the dust and the smell of dank earth, which he will mention when entering a fort. Marcurio despises Skyrim's forts, considering them miserable and run down.

Once the player obtains the Amulet of Mara and wears it, Marcurio will express his surprise at the player being single. Then when asked if he is interested in the player, Marcurio reply is "Why, yes. Why wouldn't I be? are you... interested in me?" If the player answered yes, Marcurio will be ecstatic and suggest they plan to marry each other at the Temple of Mara immediately. Marcurio will start referring the player as 'my love'.

As a spouse, Marcurio will be very eager when the player comes home, often asking about their adventures. Traveling with the player, when spoken to, Marcurio will reply "Yes my love, what do you need?" instead of an unenthusiastic "yes?" or "Need something?"


Marcurio specializes in Destruction spells. He also prefers to use his default robes, refusing to equip any other type of robe given to him, though he equips any armor given to him. Like many other followers, he has a hunting bow with 12 iron arrows, which he will use when out of magicka. He will equip any weapon, as long as it is stronger than his (leveled) dagger. However, he prefers to use spells over weapons, which he will use only rarely.





His favored spells are shock-based, and will use fire as a back-up, though he often has a shock spell in one hand and firebolt in the other. When fighting undead (such as draugr), he utilizes the Turn Undead spell. In addition, Marcurio can use any staves placed in his inventory.



Marcurio leaves a sum of money to the Dragonborn if he dies while in their service. The amount is 300 Gold by default, but increases the longer he is a follower.


"Hello, my love! Back from some adventure I bet!"
―Marcurio, when his spouse returns home.

As with every spouse, Marcurio opens a shop, in which items can be bought and sold. Daily, he can give his spouse a share of the profits, in the amount of 100 Gold. This amount stacks if uncollected. He can also be asked to make a meal.

If Hearthfire is installed, he may be hired as a steward, and if the Dragonborn has children, he is one of the few male spouses who have a dialog option in which the Dragonborn may ask how the children are.


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  • "Don't make me wait too long...I get bored very easily." - When told to wait
  • "If these ruins frighten you, take comfort in the knowledge that I am here." - Nord tomb
  • "These Forsworn don't even have the decency to dress properly." - Forsworn camp
  • "I am an apprentice wizard, not a pack mule! Oh, very well, but make it quick!" - When asked to trade
  • "[Disgusted sigh] I suppose you intend to carry off every item of value in these ruins." - Nord tomb
  • "These ruins might be interesting... if I weren't already an expert on Nordic history." - Nord tomb
  • "Try not to walk into any spike-filled pits or filthy skeever-dens." - When told to follow after waiting
  • "Draugr are slow and clumsy. Hardly a challenge for a man like me." - Nord tomb
  • "Do try not to set off any traps, will you?" - Nord tomb
  • "Gods willing, if we'll find a chest full of gold in here." - Fort
  • "Most bandits are cowards. These seem braver than most." - Bandit camp
  • "Bandits are desperate men. They have nothing to lose and they fight like it." - Bandit camp
  • "Take care not to hit your head on a low hanging bit of stone." - Fort
  • "You know what I miss the most right now? Fresh air." - Cave
  • "Let's try not to make too much noise. I've heard that cave-ins can start that way." - Cave
  • "Not for all the gold of Skyrim would I spend my life working in these tunnels." - In a mine
  • "I've heard that miners sometimes die from poisonous gases trapped beneath the ground." - In a mine
  • "Let's hope the miners didn't unearth anything besides precious stones, if you take my meaning." - In a mine
  • "I wonder what they were mining down here." - In a mine
  • "Are you sure you wouldn't rather explore, say, a nice tavern?" - Cave
  • "I'm already looking forward to getting back above ground." - Cave
  • "So you think you can make it on your own huh? We'll just see about that." - Firing dialogue (when not married)
  • "Well, would you look what the Horker dragged in? Still wandering all over Skyrim, causing trouble?" - Greeting (when not married, and after being hired previously)
  • "Admit it! You were lost without me!" - Greeting (when not married, and after being hired previously)
  • "Since you paid my fee recently, I suppose I could join you once more." - Greeting (when not married, after being hired previously and initiating conversation)
  • "Once more into danger!" - After being hired again (when not married)
  • "With a master of magic at your side, you'll have nothing to fear." - After hiring for the first time
  • "Are you sure you can find your way? It would be easy to get lost in here." - Cave
  • "How pathetic! Being forced to eke out a miserable existence in a place like this." - Cave or mine
  • "There forts like this all over the Skyrim. Imperials built them long time ago." - Fort
  • "These wizards are mad beyond reason. They understand only violence." - Warlock lair
  • "Would it be foolish to stop for a while and light a fire? Yes, I suppose it would." - Cave
  • "Remember to check behind you every once in a while. Who knows what might try to sneak up on us." - Cave/mine/Nord tomb
  • "Just look at this place. Is this what passes for a fort of Skyrim?" - Fort
  • "This smell of dark earth and worm-eaten wood is going to make me lose my last meal." - Fort
  • "There is no greater madness than those who seek to become vampires. That's a dark bargain if there ever was one." - Vampire lair
  • "Did you bring a torch? These old forts can get pretty dark inside." - Fort
  • "These timber supports are rotten through. It's a wonder this place is still standing." - Fort
  • "Keep your eyes open for traps. Old ruins like these are usually filled with them." - Dwemer ruin/Nord tomb



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  •  360   PS3   PS4   When married to Marcurio, the dialogue option to ask for a Homecooked Meal may never appear.
  •  PC   360   PS3   PS4   The option to make him a steward may never appear.
  •  360   Upon entering and exiting Shalidor's Maze, Marcurio may not leave. This can only be fixed by fast traveling to a new location.