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Maren Uvaren: Enchanter is a small shop found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is located in Tel Aruhn, on an island in Azura's Coast, in Vvardenfell. The shop is owned by Maren Uvaren, a Dunmer enchanter who offers her services for hire, and sells a variety of items. Maren can be found on the ground floor of the shop. She has three small locked chests on her shelves. One has a level 90 lock and contains a Ring of Exhaustion and a Ring of Hornhand. The second requires 75 Security to unlock and contains Frost Salts, Gravedust, Green Lichen, Guar Hide, and Marshmerrow. The small chest on the bottom shelf has level 60 lock and contains twenty-five gold. She also has a Silver Flamesword, variety of soul gems, and copies of Aedra and Daedra and Lives of the Saints on the shelves. There are four sacks of ingredients under the stairs, as well as a crate containing two portions of Moon Sugar.

Maren Uvaren

Maren Uvaren

The living quarters are upstairs, containing her bed, a couple of potted plants (including a Gold Kanet), and small table. She has an unlocked chest containing two random items of expensive clothing. Her closet is locked (level 70) and contains eight leveled items and three random scrolls. She also has copies of Special Flora of Tamriel, The Vagaries of Magicka, and 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 19 (an Enchant skill book).



Maren is not a member of any factions and her services are available to all. She has 20 points of Mercantile skill and 750 gold available to trade.



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