Not to be confused with Marz-Ja.
"I am the healer, Marz of Black Marsh. By the grace of Mara, I am available as an Advanced Trainer in Restoration."


Marz is an Argonian and the chapel healer at Bravil's Great Chapel of Mara. She is a Journeyman Restoration trainer, though she claims to be an "Advanced" trainer. She trains from 10:00 a.m. until 8 p.m. and provides information for the "Restoration Master Training" quest.

If the Knights of the Nine official expansion is added, then Marz will die during the "Nature's Fury" quest. She will then be replaced by Beem-Kiurz, who is also a Restoration trainer and wears a Blue & Green Outfit like Marz.

Knights of the NineEdit

Marz and Ohtesse both provide information for the "Restoration Master Training" quest, but unfortunately both die during the Knights of the Nine questline. Both get replaced by Restoration Trainers, but they both don't provide information for the Master Restoration quest.


  • If Marz and Ohtesse both die in the questline before the Hero receives Master training, then achieving the Master rank in Restoration becomes impossible. Unless of course the Download is taken out, effectively "resetting" the game and possibly bringing those two "back to life." Otherwise, using a drain spell of Restoration and finding an alternate Trainer also works, just as does leveling it up normally which would take quite a while.
  • If asked about rumors, some NPCs will say, "Marz is an excellent healer, but I understand she longs to return to the swamps of Black Marsh."


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