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Master Index is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It was added with the official plugin of the same name.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Folms Mirel at the Caldera Mages Guild about "work."
  2. Retrieve the 10 Propylon Indices for him.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

For this Quest, one will need to talk to Folms at the Mages Guild in Caldera about the topic 'work.' This will then trigger his asking the Nerevarine to retrieve the 10 Propylon Indices for him. They are as follows:

Hlormaren[edit | edit source]

First, he will ask the Nerevarine to find the Propylon in the Stronghold of Hlormaren. It can be purchased off of Irgola the pawnbroker, who is located in Caldera. He sells the Index for around 500 Gold. On the other hand, it can be stolen from the counter behind him. Due to the very small space in the store, Irgola standing in the way, and a guard nearby, stealing the index using chameleon and telekinesis can be easier than stealing using sneak.

Marandus[edit | edit source]

The location for the Marandus Propylon Index.

The next Index is for Marandus. It can be found in between two crates on the floor in the downstairs area St. Olms Temple in Vivec City. Enter St. Olms at the plaza level, go through the temple and downstairs. Once downstairs, go straight ahead to the T-intersection, turn right and go straight to the next T. Turn right and it is on the floor between the two middle crates at the back end of the room. It is not owned by anyone, so no NPCs, nearby or otherwise will react when it is taken. It may be difficult to see and moving the Gamma Correction level in the options menu towards Light can improve visibility.

Falasmaryon[edit | edit source]

Falasmaryon's Index is next. It can be bought off of Salen Ravel for 500 Gold, who can be found in the Shrine in Maar Gan, although it can simply be taken from the offering plate on the Shrine.

Valanvaryon[edit | edit source]

This Index can be found in the Wise Woman's Yurt in Urshilaku Camp. It is located on a table inside. However, it is owned by Nibani Maesa, who will sell it to the player for 25 Gold. Otherwise, it can be stolen off of the table, but due to its cheapness and the consequences caused by angering her in relation to the main story, it is recommended to pay for it instead.

Indoranyon[edit | edit source]

Indoranyon's index is in Tel Fyr, on a table next to Divayth Fyr. Despite Mirel's warning, no character owns the Index, so it can simply be picked up. Dialogue with Fyr indicates that the Nerevarine is welcome to take it.

Berandas[edit | edit source]

This Index is located in Baladas Demnevanni's chamber in Arvs-Drelen, Gnisis. It is on a high bookshelf inside, next to a book. Baladas will not mind if it is taken.

Andasreth[edit | edit source]

Andasreth's Index is found on a bookshelf in the Dome atop Hlormaren. There are two Khajiit slaves in the room, however, neither will prevent the Nerevarine from taking the Index, despite saying things like, "Stop, thief!" and, "Why, you!" even if they have been freed.

Rotheran[edit | edit source]

This one is being carried by Rols Ienith, who can be found in the Communal Hut at Rotheran. He is hostile when encountered and must be killed to obtain the index on his person.

Falensarano[edit | edit source]

Falensarano's Index is located near a skeletal corpse high inside the Forgotten Galleries in the Shrine of Maelkashishi.

The longer route is to enter the shrine and ignore Bulfim gra-Shugarz, who is not hostile and necessary for a Temple quest. All other encounters in the shrine are hostiles. Levitate up through the center hole in the ceiling and exit into the Forgotten Galleries. Levitate up through the gallery to the third, topmost platform on the west side, which where the corpse, a Daedric Bow, several Daedric Arrows and the index lie on the platform floor.

Alternatively, levitate up to the top, eastern entrance of the shrine. Enter and levitate down and west to aforementioned platform.

Telasero[edit | edit source]

Telasero's Index is located in Telesero itself, in a treasure trough on the lower level, stacked below a few other items. Fight through the Ash Creatures roaming the area and enter the room with two doors on each side and a shrine in the back. The index is in the trough on the right.

Once all 10 have been given to Folms Mirel, he will give the Nerevarine the Master Index, which will allow them to fast travel back to the Caldera Mages Guild by using the Master Index on the a Propylon Index, which then gives the player the ability to visit any of the 10 Dunmer Strongholds via talking to him.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Journal entries[edit | edit source]

ID Journal Entry
1 Folms Mirel of the Caldera Mages Guild will pay me 500 gold for each propylon index I bring him. He'll tell me where to find one, and when I deliver it, He'll tell me where to find the next one. And when I've delivered ten of them, he'll make me a master propylon index so I can travel to propylon chambers in Dunmer strongholds all over Vvardenfell. First I must get the Hlormaren Propylon Index from Irgola the Pawnbroker in Caldera.
5 I delivered the Hlormaren Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Marandus Propylon Index. It was packed and delivered to the St. Olms Temple in Vivec. Folms Mirel said to look around for empty crates in a storage area, and look carefully -- it's tiny and grey, and easily overlooked in poor lighting.
10 I delivered the Marandus Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Falasmaryon Propylon Index. A pilgrim gave it as an offering to the shrine at Maar Gan.
15 I delivered the Falasmaryon Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Valenvaryon Propylon Index. Nibani Maesa, a Wise Woman of the Urshilaku Ashlander tribe in Urshilaku Camp, has this index. She may not know its worth -- perhaps I can buy it from her cheaply.
20 I delivered the Valenvaryon Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Indoranyon Propylon Index. Divayth Fyr, the old and powerful Telvanni wizard of Tel Fyr, may not want to part with it.
25 I delivered the Indoranyon Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Berandas Propylon Index. The wizard Baladas Demnevanni of Gnisis has it. His tower is named Arvs Drelen. The folk of Gnisis seem terrified of him, but he's lived right among them for years, so maybe he isn't all that bad.
30 I delivered the Berandas Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Andasreth Propylon Index. A Dark Elf troublemaker named Brilnosu Llarys owns the index, but he doesn't carry it on his person. His hide-out is in a dome on top of the Dunmer stronghold called Hlormaren, on the coast, due west of Balmora. I should search carefully there for the index.
35 I delivered the Andasreth Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Rotheran Propylon Index. Rols Ienith, a deranged outlaw, has the index, and I'll probably have to kill him to get it. He lives in the Communal Hut on top of Rotheran, a Dunmer stronghold on the southern tip of Dagon Fel island.
40 I delivered the Rotheran Propylon Index and received 500 gold. Next I need the Falensarano Propylon Index. It was possessed by an outlander named Huunen last seen headed for Maelkashishi, a Daedric shrine on the western edge of the mountains west of Maar Gan. Huunen is probably dead, and locating his corpse and the index may be tough.
45 I delivered the Falensarano Propylon Index and received 500 gold. One more to go -- the Telasero Propylon Index. It is in Telasero, a Dunmer stronghold between Suran and Molag Mar, on the southern coast of the Molag Amur region. The index is in a dark place, in a troth with a number of other objects.
50 I delivered the Telasero Propylon Index and received 500 gold and a master index. Now, if I want to travel to a Dunmer stronghold, I visit Mirel and speak to him. If I have the master index with me, he'll send me directly to a given stronghold. For return trips, I activate a propylon in a stronghold propylon chamber while I have the master index, and I'll be transported directly to Folms Mirel in Caldera.
  • Quest complete
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