Master Robes are an item of enchanted clothing. The robes increase magicka regeneration by 150% and are the best of the non-unique mage robes. Like other mage robes, they have different variations that reduces the Magicka cost of different schools of magic.


  • These robes have a black and red theme to them, they have no matching hood.


  • They can be bought from teachers at the College of Winterhold once the Dragonborn has reached level 32. Proficiency in any school does not effect whether the robes are sold.
  • Can also be bought at Radiant Raiment, once Dragonborn's magic is at a certain level.
  • High ranking teachers at the College, such as Tolfdir and Faralda, wear them.
  • They can also be bought from Enthir and Khajiit Traders around Skyrim.



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