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Master of Security is a Thieves Guild quest given by Sugar-Lips Habasi to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Sugar-Lips Habasi wants the Nerevarine to help her by locating a fellow Master of Security who is living in town so that he may help secure the South Wall Cornerclub. All that she knows is that he is an Altmer.


Locating the AltmerEdit

There are only six Altmer in Balmora:

The MasterEdit

The Master of Security is revealed to be Hecerinde, and he can be found at his house on the east side of the river in Balmora.

After talking to Hecerinde he will admit to neglecting his duties, and will help Sugar-Lips.


After this Sugar-Lips will have no more jobs for the Nerevarine, and she will refer him or her to Aengoth the Jeweler in Ald'ruhn or Big Helende in Sadrith Mora for more jobs in the Thieves Guild.


Master of Security
Sugar-Lips Habasi has a job for me that involves the South Wall and a master of security.
  • Quest accepted
Sugar-Lips Habasi told me that one of the masters of locks and traps has been living here in Balmora, but has not contacted the Thieves Guild. I should find this Altmer and convince him to help secure the South Wall.
I was told that the only Altmer in town are Culumaire at the Lucky Lockup, Estirdalin at the Guild of Mages, Imare at the Hlaalu Council Manor, Nalcarya the Alchemist, and Hecerinde and Tyermaillin who both have residences in Balmora.
I convinced Hecerinde to help secure for the Thieves Guild in Balmora.
Sugar-Lips Habasi thanked me for convincing Hecerinde to help secure the South Wall.
  • Quest complete
Sugar-Lips Habasi was very upset that Hecerendi was dead. Habasi has no further jobs for me.
  • Quest complete

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